PTA programs enhance the efforts of Zilker Teachers and Staff


This support comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the school year. On a dollar basis, the largest programs are as follows. 


$36,000 - Helps pay the salary of the school's in-house counselor


$20,000 - Funds the school's garden program. Throughout the school year, instructors from Partners for Education, Agriculture and Sustainability (PEAS), come to campus and provide students outdoor learning and edible education experiences. 


$15,000 - Teacher and Staff Appreciation. This funds a holiday party for all teachers and staff, a new microwave for the lounge, thank you flowers to the crossing guard, and countless other ways of expressing gratitude to teachers and staff.


$13,000 - Supports the classroom needs of our P.E., Library, Music and Art teachers. 


$11,600 - Teacher mini-grants. Every teacher is eligible to receive a $200 mini-grant to use towards classroom activities and materials.


$9,000 - Helps fund professional development training for teachers and staff.




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